ST160 a suitable, beautiful light with die-cast aluminum case, capable of using different lamps up to 250W, ideal for city main streets, roads and residential areas.
Body: Die-cast aluminum, painted with electrostatic powder coated, after choromated treatment.
Reflector: High polished single piece anodized aluminum.
Glass: Prismatic or Flat glass anti-shock heat resistant.
Metallic Piece: Galvanized steel or Stainless steel.
Finish: Gray RAL7038 (other color on request).
Lamp holder: Porcelain with silver plated contacts.
Ingress Protection: IP54 for optical compartment and IP43 for Body Compartment (IP54 on request).
Sealing: Silicon gaskets.
Installation: Bracket, for side entry 40 up to 50mm.
Maintenance: Easy access to the control gear.
Product Code Lamp Description
ST160/125HPM 1x125HPM Suitable for 1 lamp 125W Mercury
ST160/250HPM 1x250HPM Suitable for 1 lamp 250W Mercury
ST160/100HPS 1x100HPS Suitable for 1 lamp 100W High Pressure Sodium
ST160/150HPS 1x150HPS Suitable for 1 lamp 150W High Pressure Sodium
ST160/250HPS 1x250HPS Suitable for 1 lamp 250W High Pressure Sodium
ST160/250MH 1x250MH Suitable for 1 lamp 250W Metal Halide
Dimension Drawing: ST160 (PDF, 43Kbyte)