Body & Reflector: Made of one piece high polished anodized aluminum.
Cover: Tempered glass with fastening devices.
Electrical Insulation: Class I, Class II by order.
Lamp holder: Porcelain with silver plated contacts.
Ingress Protection: IP54.
Sealing: Silicon gaskets.
Installation: Suspension type by hanging device.
Maintenance: Easy access to the control gear.
Product Code Lamp Description
HI390/100W 1x100W Suitable for 1 lamp 100W Incandescent
HI390/150W 1x150W Suitable for 1 lamp 150W Incandescent
HI390/200W 1x200W Suitable for 1 lamp 200W Incandescent
HI390/500W 1x500W Suitable for 1 lamp 500W Incandescent
HI390/160MM 1x160MM Suitable for 1 lamp 160W Mercury mixed-light
HI390/250MM 1x250MM Suitable for 1 lamp 250W Mercury mixed-light
HI390/500MM 1x500MM Suitable for 1 lamp 500W Mercury mixed-light
Dimension Drawing: HI390 (PDF, 43Kbyte)