Sports Lighting Pole

FADJR pioneered the clean, aerodynamic tubular cage and cross arm design that has become an industry standard for sports lighting. Our steel and aluminum sports lighting poles have been the ones owners, architects, engineers and contractors around the world have depended on for decades.

FADJR sports lighting structures are available with either a direct burial base or a more traditional anchor base design. Whatever your application–from football stadiums to tennis courts–we can provide the pole to meet your needs.

Variety of Finishes Available

To meet your aesthetic requirements, FADJR offers a wide selection of finishes. Choose between a traditional galvanized finish or a variety of protective color coatings, including paint-over-galvanized for steel poles. Corrosion-resistant aluminum poles are available with paint or anodized finishes.

Pole Inspections

FADJR Structures partners with the FADJR Services Group for a one-stop shop for expert pole-safety inspection, analysis, repair and replacement. Across Iran, FADJR Services enables those responsible for facilities management and public safety to assess their pole failure risks. Get a pole-by-pole structural integrity report.