Body: Made of sheet steel , painted with electrostatic powder coated white (RAL9016), after phosphate treatment.
Louvre: “RW” Consisting of white painted wide-angle side reflector and extruded aluminum blades.
Lamp: Fluorescent lamp 18W & 36W & 58W with lamp-holder G13 – Compact fluorescent lamps 36W & 55W with lamp-holder 2G11.
Control Gear: Standard magnetic ballast (Electronic ballast class EEI=A3 or A2 on request).
Installation: Recessed mounted by fix brackets.
Maintenance: By spring-hinged clips that require no tools for opening during maintenance.
Optional: Dimmable electronic ballast DALI, Emergency unit, Two wiring, Top aluminum reflector .

Product Code


360RW/118 1x18FL Suitable for 1 lamp 18W Fluorescent
360RW/218 2x18FL Suitable for 2 lamp 18W Fluorescent
360RW/318 3x18FL Suitable for 3 lamp 18W Fluorescent
360RW/418 4x18FL Suitable for 4 lamp 18W Fluorescent
360RW/136 1x36FL Suitable for 1 lamp 36W Fluorescent
360RW/236 2x36FL Suitable for 2 lamp 36W Fluorescent
360RW/336 3x36FL Suitable for 3 lamp 36W Fluorescent
360RW/436 4x36FL Suitable for 4 lamp 36W Fluorescent
360RW/136C 1x36TCL Suitable for 1 lamp 36W Compact Fluorescent
360RW/236C 2x36TCL Suitable for 2 lamp 36W Compact Fluorescent
360RW/336C 3x36TCL Suitable for 3 lamp 36W Compact Fluorescent
360RW/436C 4x36TCL Suitable for 4 lamp 36W Compact Fluorescent
360RW/155C 1x55TCL Suitable for 1 lamp 55W Compact Fluorescent
360RW/255C 2x55TCL Suitable for 2 lamp 55W Compact Fluorescent
360RW/355C 3x55TCL Suitable for 3 lamp 55W Compact Fluorescent
360RW/455C 4x55TCL Suitable for 4 lamp 55W Compact Fluorescent
Dimension Drawing: 360RW/… (PDF, 43Kbyte)