Supplies and projects department makes a free service, advising in the final application of FADJR products. For it, after studying the raised requirements,it is advised the illumination system, type of lamp… making photometric studies whome adapt the installation for their final use.

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R+D (Research and Development) department which is in continuous adaptation to the tendencies of the market and the technological innovations that in light sources, productive processes, materials… take place, it develops new and innovating proposals creating products of the highest quality and functionality that cover the necessities with our clients.
For it, this department is equipped with technology of last generation in 3D CAD systems, specific software for the development of reflectors, virtual laboratory of Lighting Tests… whom ensure the success of the projects that are undertaken.
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Commercial Department directly deals with our clients, trying to them the most attention and advising so that their projects are made to their whole satisfaction.
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