Cutting and punching section of plate. In this section by means of two numerical control punching machines and other presses with the specific tools, obtain the plate developments that our products are using (interlocking boxes, equipment supports, anchorage pieces…)
Bending and folding section. A variable radius bender is in charge of obtaining the necessary parabola to make reflectors and diffusers, that allows to make luminaires of very low luminance. In the folding section, by means of an automatic folding machine controlled by means of techniques of CAD-cam and four folding machines CNC in addition to machinery developed specifically for our necessities of manufacture, are obtained high quality finished to it in the plate and aluminium developments and with total guarantee in the repeatability of the process.

In addition to this section there is a spot welding machine and several agraffe machines whose give the necessary rigidity to the required pieces.

Metal System Profiles section. Necessary aluminium profiles cuts are obtained by means of the use of two automatic saws of five cutterheads each one, as well as another three automatic saws equipped with a feeder, composing the family of spatial system lighting of ours catalogue.
Painting section. Powder coating line is equipped with a pre-cure tunnel of five stages, drying and polymerizating ovens, and equipment of last generation electrostatic application that guarantee the maximum adherence and durability of the covering just as the highest finished quality.
Assembly section. The maximum quality and security for all the Ornalux products, is ensured by means of the use of machinery developed specifically for our necessities, as well as controls at the end of each line reviewing 100% of products.
Warehousing section. Warehousing area comprise more than 3,000 m2 and it allows us to be on stock most of our products, guaranteeing the immediate delivery; it is allowed because has at one’s disposal shelves that allow to store to 7 meters of height.